Sunday, 24 January 2016

Subscriber ~ Spotlight Sunday!

First of all, we have really missed this blog!
We thought it was time to get it up and running again. We love our YouTube channel and the personality we can convey over our videos but some things need the 'written word' and we want somewhere to showcase the photographs of our work, our kits and our special subscribers!

Welcome to the very first SPOTLIGHT SUNDAY. Today and every Sunday we are going to showcase a round up of any of our lovely subscriber and customer's work shared over on any of our social medias. We absolutely LOVE seeing it and we really hope you love being featured on our blog.

We are working on a bit of a blog schedule and we have some exciting new blog post categories coming up soon. In the mean time grab your morning cup of coffee/tea and enjoy! x

The first page/project that I want to put a Spotlight on deserves a spot of it's own. It was my standout favourite from this week. This lovely page created by Carmel McKee...

She has done a fabulous job using the Reuben kit with all her laying and those beautiful white leaves look fantastic in those clusters. Beautiful work Carmen.

Now we have a bit of a collage of our 'favourites' since there were just SO MANY projects shared this week which is fantastic.
I am going to try and name all the creators. Hope I got them all correct. x

Top row (from left) Lisa Skinner, Denica Goldsbrough, Lisa Skinner
Bottom row (from left) Denica Goldsbrough, Rebekkah Alderson, Carmel McKee

Top row (from left) Carmel McKee, Lisa Skinner, Lisa Skinner
Bottom row (from left) Lisa Skinner, Sara Belgrove, Lisa Skinner

As you and see there was so much gorgeous work shared & this is not all of it. If you weren't featured this time never fear, we have our eye out and you are bound to be featured soon!

Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous work as always and remember to tag us at #thescrappery if you are sharing on Twitter or Instagram (or even Facebook) or share them in our Facebook group The Scrappery Creatives. We would love to have you join.

Much love.

Kayla & The Scrappery Team. xx


  1. All layouts are wonderful gives me inspiration on how to use the kits ... Love them x

  2. Love seeing what other subbies are creating with their kits!