Sunday, 24 August 2014

Do you want to know something really cool???

We are going to be teachers at Papercut Labs in October!!!! Thats right, not only are you able to buy beautiful kits every month from us that really reflect our own style, but now you will be able to learn our tricks and tools that we use in our everyday scrapbooking.

Our class is going to be focused on Project Life inspired scrapbooking but there are some other really amazing classes being taught during other months. Traditional Scrapbooking, by Jen Hall, Card Making by Natalie Elphinstone and a Christmas class by Donna Williams. Something for everyone!! Watch this video to get an insight to all the teachers that will be hosting classes in 2014.


Please sign up and enjoy the fun, not just in our class but in the other classes as well. It is a great way to support the Australian Scrapbook community and build it up to be seen around the world as one of the leading trendsetters in the scrapbook industry.

So jump on over to the Papercut Labs site, sign up and make sure you are in the know about all the classes and when sign ups will be available.

We are so super excited to share with you all our love and passion for the modified scrapbooking that is project life. We cant wait to show you how to make your layouts more creative and less "photo and card" type layouts. This will not be a "how to" project life class at all, it will focus more on the creative aspect so if you are looking for a way to spruce up your weeks and make those photos really take center stage, go and check it all out!!

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